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Vastu Glossary

Agni – the lord of fire, located in the southeast direction Aap – water, one of the five elements Aakash – space, one of the five elements Atman – individual consciousness Brahma – the creator of the universe Brahmastan – the central courtyard...
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About Vastu Rectification

Sacred Geometry: Rectification of an existing structure I have found nothing in the traditional texts on Vaastu architecture that documents a protocol for rectification of an existing structure. It may be there, but I have not seen it. My research has lead me to believe that...
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Vastu Design & Sacred Geometry

Vaastu Design | Sacred Geometry Sacred geometry is a fundamental ingredient of Vaastu Design. What is “sacred geometry”? Wise men over the ages have noted patterns in nature from the largest macrocosmic entities in the cosmos to the tiniest microscopic particles,...
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Vastu Tradition & Ceremony

Vaastu Tradition Here is a traditional procedure for an Auspicious Vaastu Ceremony In general, there are formal ceremonies that are conducted at the “auspicious time,” the times of ground breaking, foundation stone laying and moving in, but they are in Tamil or...
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General Principles of Vastu Design

General Principles The design regime for the Vastu architect follows specific parameters: Orientation and siting considerations Building Layout with regard to a grid called “Vastu Purusha Mandala” Dimensioning with regard to the client¹s birth time Exterior door...
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