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Vastu Design » Client References

Client References

Here’s what the Clients Say

We are celebrating our First Anniversary in our new home. Designed by Michael Borden from scratch strictly as per Vastu Shastra and custom build according to ancient science of Vastu. It was labor of love. Almost 9000 square feet but still feels cozy. We can now tell the distinct effect of Vastu rules. You can feel the tangible positive vibrations. So far it is been abode of bliss and success. Looking forward to years of joy with our friends and family.

Michael Borden was excellent for our renovation project. His design sense represents a great combination of western and eastern influences.

He was magnificent in working with our contractor. We were also blessed with an excellent contractor who had no experience with vaastu architecture.

Michael¹s pricing/charges were less expensive than we had expected to pay. He does things on a timely basis. He is not an ideologue about vaastu but is a true believer and adapts well with his clients¹ needs and interests.

Our project was a complete renovation along with rectification and addition of an existing 2,000-square foot, house built in 1939. It faced east in an almost perfect match up with the compass points. The new house is about 4,700 square feet.

The house was faux Georgian colonial. My wife and I like Arts and Crafts. Michael was able to make all this work in subtle and wonderful ways.

Michael helped us create our dream house in every way. Over the course of the project he worked extensively with our contractor. They brainstormed many solutions to the kinds of problems that always surface in a project this large.

This was the biggest project we had ever done. We have worked with architects before, and Michael is the best.

Michael also gave helpful ideas in terms of landscaping and more.

One of the great things Michael did was blend the existing house with the new house: through window choices, architectural details, and door choices, among other things.

The word I always use to describe about our project is proportionality. That is what vaastu encourages and enlivens. Michael has a strong command of this.      —H.B., Missouri, 4/07

Having Michael Borden, in Iowa, design our house in Maryland, turned out to be much easier than such a distance might suggest. At an early stage he was inspired with a suitable overall concept consistent with Vaastu, with our needs, and with the terrain, and was always swift and flexible about modifying it during the consultation process. In our case, his design will be transformed by other engineers into a customized modular construction. The builder has remarked on the beauty of the design.      —R.D. & L.D., Maryland, 5/06

Right from the start, Michael was an absolute pleasure to work with. He took his time explaining S-V principles and worked patiently with us to incorporate them into our building design. His depth of knowledge and flexibility in understanding our limitations was comforting, to say the least. Even though he was half way around the world, he was always prompt in answering our questions.. Frankly, we couldn’t have pulled this project off without Michael being an integral part of our team.      —B., 2/06

Working with Michael was a real joy. He took our idea of an over sized garage with offices and yoga space and transformed it into a truly remarkable building. So far our building has only been framed – it’s almost “dried in” and we love it more and more with each passing day. We walk upstairs and we feel like we are in a sacred place. The lines of the ceiling with the cupola and dormers is stunning. Being in Kauai our views are spectacular, but it is much more than that – the building just feels and looks great. Michael has the sensitivity of an artist along with practicality, a lively sense of humor and good communication. A winning combination!      —L.R., 11/05

From the very first meeting to discuss various vastu approaches to rectifying and renovating our home, to the final walk-around when construction was completed, Michael’s assistance and input was simply wonderful. His depth of Vastu knowledge, refined architectural aesthetic, common sense approach to design and construction decisions, recomendations for contractors, and his ability to recognize and respond to our needs (including differing ones between my wife’s and mine), all blended to create an extremely successful and delightful project.

There is no question that within this new structure, our physical and spiritual comfort has increased. Thank you Michael!      —B. R.

Working with Michael was a great pleasure for us. What impresses me most about Michael is his communication. From day one he started communicating with us about our project. Secondly he has through knowledge Vastu Shastra. I learned a lot from him regarding Vastu. He is honest and hardworking. Although he was in India for SV research, he did not stop working on my project and kept on communicating with us as he did in our town. Thanks Michael for designing my dream house.      —A. K.

I recently heard about Vaastu through a call from an investor who stressed the need to incorporate Vaastu principles into the design for a business development. I was given Michael’s number and thus began my introduction to Vaastu. While our planning had already been completed and had passed through the town review process, Michael worked with me to make sure that I could adapt as much of the Vaastu design principles into our existing design as possible; fortunately, the town planning board was amenable to our proposed changes. I now have a business development under construction that reflects our growing interest in working with these universal principles and enhances our ability to bring integrity and abundance into our daily lives.

For our next project we will begin the planning process with Vaastu design. Thanks for your help.      —T. L.

You can only be as enlightened as the purity of the spirit of your house lets you be.

Moving into our Vastu house was one of the biggest leaps forward in consciousness that I have ever taken.The only thing I can compare it to is when I received the Flying Technique. When we moved into our Vastu house, I felt like I was in a different country. Of course the house was new and everything was wonderful, but the feeling was beyond just that. It felt like my orientation in the world was different.      —M. L.

Another revelation about Vastu came when the fence was put up around the house. I realized why in my native country, Latvia, in the old folk songs, the expressions “in our home” and “in our fence” are used synonymously. The addition of the fence really made our home feel finished and protected.      —M. L.

We love the house, love living here and especially love meditating here. We have had very positive reactions from our new neighbors, our builders and everyone visiting. Working with you was a real pleasure from start to finish. We truly appreciated your very prompt and complete responses to all of our issues, your willingness to be flexible and the great house you and Charlie Ficke designed. Please feel free to direct anyone to us who have questions about working with you.      —B.L & M. L.

I discovered Michael Borden after an astrological reading revealed that I “should be learning how to create sacred space”. I didn’t know exactly what that meant at the time, but a deeper part of me understood. After finding Michael’s website, and purchasing his training DVDs, I explained to him our project of building a retreat center in Costa Rica and that we needed to bring in the Vastu principles. Working with him purely over the phone and via the internet and email, Michael created our Vastu Purusha mandala based on our birth information and Nakshatras and formulated all the floor-plans for our project based on his Ayadi calculations. Michael not only came to the project with his professional expertise, but also with sensitivity and compassion for our unique and specific needs. He worked quickly with sensitivity to our budget and was always there to answer questions and to help us work around obstacles. Michael is not simply an architect, but an intuitive guide who will walk with you along your path to help you create your own sacred space.”

     —Karen Heil, Healing Therapies and co-owner of Ahki – A Sacred Space for Retreats in Costa Rica.

Michael Borden got a beautiful small model home built of wood to be a”proxy’ for the actual big house.Since then there is definately more peace in house and in me.

The house is finally up! We are very happy with the results –thank you for all your help and expertise.      —2009

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About the Author
Mr. Borden comes from a family of builders, with over 30 years experience building and/or designing custom residences in California and the Midwest. He is currently involved in Vastu building/design projects worldwide.