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Vastu Design » Vastu Design & Sacred Geometry

Vastu Design & Sacred Geometry

Vaastu Design | Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is a fundamental ingredient of Vaastu Design.

What is “sacred geometry”?

Wise men over the ages have noted patterns in nature from the largest macrocosmic entities in the cosmos to the tiniest microscopic particles, invisible to the naked eye. You could call them laws of nature. These geometrical blueprints structure all of creation. Each pattern is an architypical foundation for objects in nature and each has unique vibrational resonances. Yet each part is intricately and wondrously tied to the whole of creation – to shape a reality of unity permeating all of diversity.

Buildings are a living organism, like the human nervous system, and can be designed in “harmonic resonance” with the basic underlying energy structure of the universe.

Vaastu design (also spelt vasthu and vastu) uses the fundamentals of sacred geometry to create structures for human beings which, due to their shape, size, orientation, and other factors, create health, wisdom, happiness, successfullness, security, and prospertity for their inhabitants – be they homeowners or business people.

“Space is the fundamental source and energy for all things, for their origination and for their existence. This important scientific concept, the tradition of Vaastu has been holding with it from the Vedic period and, in fact, from the period even prior to Vedic times. It maintains that SPACE itself turns into spatial forms and it has its own mathematical order or dynamics for changing into aural and visual forms. In Indian civilization, all temples, sculptures, architectural constructions … are the creations by shilpins of the tradition of Vaastu Science. Being born of this tradition, these creations render not only physical pleasure but also spiritual bliss and well being. This spiritual science … moulds us and directs us to experience the inexplicable spiritual bliss by effecting a communion between its own artistic creations and spiritual consciousness.”

“Space is energy filled or energy stuffed. If this energetic space gets limited or enclosed by four walls then the building becomes a living organism, having rhythmic vibrancy. Like the inner space enclosed with-in our bodies, the house also feels and vibrates. This rhythmic vibration is made to resonate with our inner vibrations and by this resonance the indweller of the house is able to be in harmony and communion with the universal space (Paramatma) and to experience spiritual bliss.

— Dr. Ganapati Sthapati

Online Seminar on Vaastu Design

The free seminar taught on this website presents both a general understanding of the principles of vaastu and sacred geometry and the specifics of designing a structure.

Here’s an extract from one of the first few lessons regarding this general understanding:

“The cubical prism is the basic structural design adopted by the ancient Vaastu vedins for the construction of a house. The house built on this design is known as ‘dandaka sala’ …or single phased house. …The vital energy of air inside and outside the house is regulated and made to be in free and unobstructed operation by a mathematical calculation. Only this mathematical order has been rendered as the units of measurement in Vaastu technology…. This mathematical order is a systematic calculaton of the manifestation or evolution of space-energy into spatial form. .. This order or numerical measure is the basis of structuring resonance with universal energies…In the heart cave of the body there is inner space and inside the inner-space there is the vibrant thread of consciousness. It is this thread of consciousness that functions as the string of sarira-vina (bodily insturment) (The structure vibrates with cosmic energy and the bodily insturment resonates with this vibration) To create and offer the house of supreme bliss, and to enable us to experience that supreme bliss here in this mundane house itself — these are the prime motives of the Vaastu science.

— Dr. Ganapati Sthapati

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About the Author
Mr. Borden comes from a family of builders, with over 30 years experience building and/or designing custom residences in California and the Midwest. He is currently involved in Vastu building/design projects worldwide.