Vastu Interior on Kauai. Custom vastu designs by Michael Borden.
Kauai Vastu Home. Also see our pre-designed Vastu plans.
Midwest Vastu Home. Contact Michael for a 1 hour consultation on designing your vastu home.
"Living in Vastu has Changed the way I experience 'Home'. The space has me feeling easy and comfortable at all times". -- New vastu home owner

Vastu Designed Homes & Vastu Consulting.

About Us

Our mission is to promote Vaastu Shastra and education designers, architects, builders and homeowners of the potential of a more comfortable, happy and successful life lived in harmoney through the principles of Vastu Shastra. With over 35 years' building experience, Michael Borden has studied the science of Vastu Architecture since 1998 in India with Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati, one of India's most renowned Vastu architects, and has designed and built many structures according to these principles.

Vastu Designed Homes

By Michael Borden
Take advantage of a system of holistic vastu design using technologies, methods and products which enhance the spiritual, emotional and mental quality of your daily experience. This accomplished by the creation of a structure which is in harmony with Earth and Cosmic energies; a structure that blesses its occupants and the ground on which it stands.

Our Service

Vastu Design Services

  • Initial/Mini Consulting:   Send me your plans and I'll comment on the plan and orientation in terms of Vastu.
  • Your Vastu House - Why Vastu?:   Designing in accord with Vastu science -- natural law.
  • References:  What clients say about their experience in their home and working with Michael Borden.
  • Vastu Video Workshop   Intro and free five-part series on vastu design.
  • Note: Vastuved offers consultation on Vastu design protocols only. We work with your local architects and engineers in a consulting capacity only.

Free Vastu Seminar

All the vastu principles taken together give the architect a design matrix for creating buildings that live and vibrate harmoniously with universal energies. I have found them easy and pleasing to use. I am convinced that this information is worth study and application by anyone interested in understanding the significance and full potential of sheltering the human nervous system. Our Online Vastu Seminar is now free of charge. Learn More

Vastu Architecture Book

By Michael Borden
This book about the science of Vastu was written as a simple and clear, yet detailed exposition on the knowledge and basic technical applications for the design of secular Vastu buildings - such as homes and offices